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Not that I don't agree completely that the media is terribly broken, but I can, I bet, list a dozen murders in other cities that you don't live in that you know nothing about as well.

Do you believe that it's not well known that GBLTQ children are harrassed and it needs more of a spotlight? Or is it, perhaps, that that particular murder wasn't different enough to warrant national media spotlighting?

I mean, after events like Andrew Sheppard, I'd think the subject was pretty well widely known isn't it?


I think that would be a bet you would lose if we are talking about murderers and victims of that age where there is no other motive than hate.

I believe LGBTQ teen harassment and murder needs a much brighter spotlight. But I also believe that bullying of all types needs to be brought into the light. Children need to be taught early that we need to respect others despite or even because of our differences.

I wear a purple MATTHEW SHEPARD bracelet, and I cannot tell you how many times I have had to explain it and remind people of who he was. So no, it's not as widely known as you might think.


[das ist gut] Strangely enough, in this state (Wyoming) that is hypocritically called "The Equality State", it was Matthew Shepard that got people to wake up and smell the hate. Since then his name is not forgotten here and the progress that has been made is remarkable.

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