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[das ist gut]

Yeah, they get something right, and then they do something stupid like this:


Das ist nicht so gut. Das ist aber wirklich Dumm!


They're all equally worthless.

Sean & Stefan

[this is good] I have been talking about this story all week... and even was talking about it to a few people even today at work and on the train home. Such a sad case. I felt that the slant about the gay flirting was very much the usual "gay panic" defense which just doesn't fly. What this story really made me think about was how this kid was a foster kid of older age who probably never had someone come up and just hug him and say "I love you" in a way all children should. It is sad that he never will. I know it made me think about all the foster kids over a certain age who will never be adopted because many don't want to have an older child.

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